Grieghallen Exhibition Overview

The WTC Exhibition will consist of two halls:

The Main Hall (approx 3500m2) is an underground mountain hall situated underneath the square outside of the Greieghallen congress venue, accessible from the Secretariat Area – through a tunnel leading into the stairwell ( red building) in the below image, leading down underground. Arriving down in the main hall, you then enter the hall from the  left hand side. There is also an exit/entrance back into the congress venue from the upper right hand side of the hall. View this by following the link to the interactive floorplans found  below the image here on this page.  Click here to view pictures of  the underground hall

The External Hall (approx 800m2) will be placed on the square itself as shown, accessible through the same tunnel leading out from the Registration area. The external hall will be floored, carpeted, heated and also have one  exit leading onto the square in the upper right corner of the hall. Click here to see pictures of the Grieghallen square

In addition to the Main Hall and External Hall, there will also be Open Air exhibitors  located  in areas  O1 and O2.

Click here to view the interactive floorplans of the two halls and see the list of current exhibitors